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  1. Emma Audsley

    Parking level 3. It was dark, as it often was. Every other light seemed to be out and, as always, she wondered how the security in here could not bother to report it. Surely it would make their life a lot easier if they could see in every corner.

    There were still plenty of cars around, which Emily always found re-assuring, because plenty of cars meant the opportunity for people to be about. She didn’t like being on her own, especially in the winter months when there was no light coming in from outside. As strange as it sounded, even though she was in a space the size of a football field, the low ceilings, incessant concrete and poor lighting made her feel claustrophobic.

    She stepped away from the lifts. She’d parked by the down ramp, about a hundred yards away. There was a small walkway area, just beyond, but the light was out in that as well, so the darkness almost seemed to beckon her in.

    “No,” she said, wanting to hear something, even if it was just her own voice. She started to walk towards her car, focussing on it and it alone, trying to ignore the darkness that seemed to pulse around her. She shoes clacked against the concrete, echoing back on her.

    She was a half dozen paces from her car when she heard a new noise, a scratching, like someone rubbing against the concrete wall. Emily paused, trying to keep her breathing steady. She took another step. Then another. The scratching came again.

    “Hello?” she called.

    The voice that came from the darkness was small, much too small and sounded terrified. “Who’s there?” it asked, “who’s there?”

    by Mark West


  2. Emma Audsley

    The fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. I hope we never explain it all…

    In the meantime what you have here is something beyond what we currently understand. Now, many will hasten to scoff at the very idea in today’s world that there is something outside the scope of scientific acceptance. Of old we could call it a ghost, a fairy or a specter and be done, but we have cameras everywhere now and a desire to classify things even when that isn’t quite yet possible.

    But they know us. They see us. We move through and around them all the time. They reach out for us and attempt to interact, but they are so alien to us the only result is an odd feeling, a cold chill, or a feeling of pure terror whether that was their intent or not. Why they should want to contact us is just as unknowable. And why they linger in shadowy places where humans are at their most jumpy is also questionable. Does their very presence provoke certain people into flights of fear? Or fancy? Or even murderous rage?

    But then we have always jumped at shadows. Perhaps our ancient ancestors knew something we have forgotten.

    by Schaeffer Tolliver



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