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  1. Tyr Kieran

    Please note, my thoughts always lean to the dark side.
    I see a story revolving around a nosy woman (single mother) always complaining and gossiping about the neighbors and how they have everything. The woman’s daughter suffers under lack of attention and ends up falling for the neighbor’s boy. The woman openly wishes harm to the neighboring family. Harm soon comes in the form of a violent breakin. The woman is delighted at first, but quickly realizes her daughter is in that house. She has to reevaluate her feelings and who she is while trying to save her daughter and rebuild that relationship.
    What do you think?


  2. Jo-Anne Russell

    A bunch of college students living in a dorm are mean to the smart kid. When said smart kid goes missing, the small group of students start accusing each other, and become paranoid to the point they kill each other off until only two are left and on the verge of finishing each other off, when the smart kid reappears and calls the police, exacting his revenge on the mean kids. His plan was a success. Muhahahaha!



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