Wayne Simmons Interview.


 Here’s a big old dose of Fever for you….Wayne Simmons talks to HHHB about writing, rambling & more.



SH- Sum yourself up in 10 words.

‘Tattooed horror hack from Belfast, en Irlande du Nord. Ha!’

SH- Sum your enemy up in 20 words.

‘Can I just type the word ‘politician’ twenty times?   No? Aw…’

SH- FLU or DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Which is a better introduction of your work for a first time reader?

‘It depends. If a reader prefers full-throttle trad zombie action, then it’s FLU. For a bizarro twist on the zombie sub-genre (an ‘anti-zombie’ book as I’ve   heard it described) it would have to be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.’

SH- You’ve had good reviews, bad reviews, excellent reviews and ignorant reviews – so which newspaper or magazine would you use to wipe your arse with should you run out of toilet roll?

‘I’m not that kind of guy. I’m grateful if someone reviews my work at all, whether they trash it or not. This is the game we’re in: if you can’t take criticism, then don’t be a writer. Simple as.’

SH-Which of a very bad bunch is the worst pointless celebrity on the scene – and why?

‘Pretty much everyone on THE ONLY WAY IS *insert town/ city of choice*’

SH- What programmes influenced you most as a kid (not Doctor Who!)?

‘Definitely not Doctor Who. Hammer Horror’s 80s TV series for definite. The House that bled to Death was a particularly vivid entry in that series – haunted me for years as a lad. Outside of horror, there was V (which I loved), introducing me to both Michael Ironside and Robert Englund, two genre regulars. There are other shows I remember fondly: Manimal and The Equaliser.’

SH- What are you working on right now?

‘A slasher horror set in Louisiana, to be co-written with a writer friend of mine whose work I’ve been a fan of for nigh on ten years.’

SH- What are you reading?

‘Two books at once: Aftermath by David Moody and The Light at the End by Skipp & Spector. Both absolutely brilliant!’

SH- Any favourite authors/books – and what would your 5 desert island books be?

‘Oh, loads. David Moody, Skipp & Spector, Brian Keene, Richard Laymon, Rupert Thomson, Shaun Hutson, Susie Moloney, Stephen King, Lawrence Block, Andre Duza to name but a few.

5 desert island books? Hmmm. Tough, but I’ll go for:

Autumn by David Moody

The Five Gates of Hell by Rupert Thomson

Sins of the Fathers by Lawrence Block

Carrie by Stephen King

The Light at the End by Skipp & Spector (because I really want to finish it!)’

SH- Which television channel is your favourite and which drives you insane? 

‘I very rarely watch TV. I prefer movies or box sets.’

SH- Who, where and what inspires you to write?

‘It’s a mixture of things, but mostly people-watching. Writers are often observers, you know like that little bald dude in the Marvel comics, who just watches stuff? The What If Guy?  Yeah, he’d probably make a good writer.’

SH- Excluding family and pets, what would be the first thing you’d rescue from your home should there be a fire?

‘My laptop. There’s bound to be something on the desktop I haven’t saved on a pen drive.’

SH- Name your best six dinner guests – past or present / living or dead.

‘Right off the bat: George A Romero, Alice Cooper, Lawrence Block, Joss Whedon, William Shatner, Daffy Duck.’

SH- Best advice you’ve been given and would pass on to someone itching to see their work standing alongside your own on the Waterstones’ shelves.

‘Write what you like to read. I’ve always said that writing is simply an extension of my being a fan of the genre.’


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