Interment and The Social Diary of a Ghoul


Interment and The Social Diary of a Ghoul are two illustrated poems by R.J. Barker and Mikko Sovijarvi.

The first, Interment, is a short chilling poem;  this is a horror story wrapped up in poetry. With just a few short verses, Barker is able to reveal that something is indeed very wrong, and there is no hope for escape.  In fact, both poems end with the infinity symbol, indicating the horror will go on forever.

The Social Diary of a Ghoul is a bit different. Here we have a poem that is divided into the days of the week, and I interpreted it as being a metaphor for the overall cycles of life. There are times of feast and famine, of having a harvest then depleting the stores, and then the cycle starts over again.

These are both only eight or nine pages long, but they are beautifully illustrated by Sovijarvi and there is something about them that keeps drawing me back; these are two poems I will be reading again several times.

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