The Private Fears of Dylan Charles: Entry V


Emma Audsley:

Here’s a post (out of ten in ten days) that fits in perfectly with our very own ‘What Scares You?’ series.
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Originally posted on The Dylan Charles Blog:

I don’t fear ghosts. I’m not scared of demons. I don’t worry about haunted houses or secret burial grounds or the wrath of God.

I don’t fear giant spiders or big snakes or saying “I do believe in Bloody Mary” three times to a mirror in a darkened room.

I am not scared of the boogeyman or gremlins or alligators in the sewer.

I do not fear the Tarot or Ouija boards or witches riding their  brooms during the reign of the blood soaked moon.

My fears are, for the most part, based in reality. I fear a lunatic killer taking Emily from me. I fear a random driver, sideswipe to the side, taking out someone close to me. I fear cancer and Alzheimer’s and a mysterious ailment that defies diagnosis. I fear alcoholism and a resurgence of those tobacco cravings that I a managed to bury so deep down inside.


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