Versatile Blogger Award – for Parlor of Horror (me)


Emma Audsley:

The Parlor of Horror has nominated me & The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. While I’m very flattered to be put forward for this, I think that dues also go out to my co-bloggers.

Shaun Hamilton for being there right from the start, providing us with fantastically funny, yet thoughtful & insightful, interviews & reviews.

Craig Saunders for his blogspots & articles…also in advance for our new section, The Indie Shed.

Andy The Undead Review Taylor for being our resident zombie blogger providing us with great movie reviews that are frank, honest, & bloody hilarious!

Gary Swindley for his reader’s viewpoint reviews of horror fiction galore.

Ann Magee for her beautifully prosed & insightful fiction reviews.

Adrian Chamberlain for his controversial viewpoint articles & reviews too.

Steven Chapman for The Little Workshop of Horrors, the place to stop by & learn the art of writing good horror fiction & also have a good belly-laugh at his quirky, slightly demented humour & bizarre pics he adds for every part of the section.


But my biggest thank you go to all of you who take the time to pop over & delve into what the blog has to offer you.
Be warned, there is more to come…much more!

Originally posted on parlor of horror:

Versatile Blogger Award – parlorofhorror

I have to give a big thanks to Tyson Carter, of Head In A Vice blog, for nominating me for the versatile Blogger Award. In a world where it is hard to get recognition for anything these days, small gestures like this mean a lot. I’ve been reading/following quite a few blogs and enjoy them all very much. I’m happy to pick out ten of my own nominations for this award which encompass a range of my interests which include reading, writing, films, art, paranormal stuff and television.

So here are my nominations:
1. Creature with the Atomic Brain

2. Badasses, Boobs, and Body Counts

3. The B – Horror Blog

4. Lily Wight

5. Head In A Vice

6. The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog

7. alohamisterhand

8. Deep Red Rum

9. Goregirl’s Dungeon

10. abs fiction
(for those I’ve nominated, see rules below)


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