The Respectable Face of Tyranny by Gary Fry


Before I start I want to let you all know that this is going to be a 100% biased review for it contains horror, World War military history and Whitby, my top 3 favorite pastimes. This is my 50 Shades of Grey right here. I couldn’t not love it really, so bear with me whilst I gush over this story by Gary Fry, who is quickly starting to become one of my favourite British Horror writers.



Note: Gary Fry never paid me to say these things, I asked, but his response was far from polite.


If losing his home after the recession wasn’t bad enough, his wife leaves him for a richer, younger model leaving Josh to bring up his hormone charged teen daughter in the cramped caravan they now call home in Saltwick Bay in Whitby. Things go from bad to worse for Josh after witnessing a mysterious sighting out on the Bay.

Gary Fry uses the backdrop of the recession and his geographical knowledge of the area well in this tale to set the atmosphere of gloom and foreboding which he masterfully carries through till the end. It’s got quite a heavy feeling for such a short story, Josh’s fall from the heights of the boom years maybe all to familiar for some however a book on the origins of mankind and the cosmos has convinced Josh of the idea that a larger force has a hand in this and that his actions could determine his eventual fate offers a glimmer of hope that deep down you know is unlikely, however with a plot as unpredictable as the universe there is no way of telling how the story ends. Well, there is, you have to buy it!

This is a great psychological horror story by Gary Fry who with great effect uses location to bring the story to life. My only gripe is that this wasn’t a full novel as I was sorely disappointed to finish it so quickly.

Don’t take my word for it though order yourself a copy.