Emma Audsley:

Here’s the sad tale of a pair of pants.
As a prompt/inspiration why don’t you write by the viewpoint of a piece of clothing, or any other inanimate object?

Originally posted on The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...:


Nathan’s Broken-in Khakis, 1, of Kansas City, died at 7:19 a.m. on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, in a small apartment bedroom. After weeks of suffering from a problematic zipper, Broken-in Khakis went quietly as his zipper gave out for good.

Found on an Old Navy bargain rack, Khakis came into Nathan’s life at just the right time. Needing a good pair of pants but being the cheap dope that he is, Khakis were there at just the right time.

Made of 100% cotton, Khakis brought a great deal of joy to Nathan’s life. They not only did their job of covering his naughty bits, but they willingly offered up their pockets for storage of a variety of things from keys to cell phones to receipts that probably should have been thrown away but for some reason were not..

Survivors include Button-up Denim Shirt, Button-up White Dress Shirt, Brown Argyle Socks and…

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