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  1. Bob Bois

    OK Emma – I’ll bite: 100 words.

    The Deep Ones took her on a beautiful summer day.
    She’d been lolling in the gentle surf, eyes half-closed against the sun and its glittering reflections. On the cusp of womanhood, her scent drew them in, just as the elders said it had happened in the time of horrors.
    The Deep Ones dragged her to the bottom and drowned her, leaving a seed deep in her dead womb. It burst forth, fully tentacled, a storm of blood and bubbles.
    Decades later, his stolen daughter a local legend, the fisherman spied a tentacled horror on the bottom – and wept in recognition.


  2. Bob Bois

    Emma – do you mind if I borrow your pic and put this up on my blog? I like this tiny story and I’m too lazy to write another one for my blog today. Please let me know (of course I will link back to this blog!)


  3. Emma Audsley

    Hahahaha! That’s fine! Just don’t forget the artist’s name. I added the title, you can keep that if you wish :)
    A link would be lovely, I’ll share it for you too.


  4. Deep Ones « Sitting in Darkness

    […] (drawn by Victor Hugo, no less!) as a prompt for a 100-word story on her active and excellent blog, The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. I responded to Emma’s prompt with the story you read above and I’m re-posting it here […]


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