12 Scratch & Sniff Versions Of Famous Novels


Emma Audsley:

Ingenious! Scratch & sniff books!
Mind you, what would zombie books smell like? ;D


Originally posted on 101 Books:

Sometimes I have stupid ideas, like the time I tried to hit a pitching wedge shot over my parents’ house and put a golf ball through the kitchen window.

I was much younger then. But, even in my old age, I still have stupid ideas. Take today’s post, for instance.

What if some of the most famous novels of all-time, some of which could even be considered “classics,” were transformed into scratch and sniff books—those colorful, fragrant works of artistic genius?

So I dug deep into the weird recesses of my mind and came up with some examples of novels that could work well as scratch and sniffs. Get your noses ready.

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