The Concrete Has Set: The Concrete Grove Trilogy by Gary McMahon


Finally, the trilogy is complete, The Concrete Grove has come full circle. This feat of pure dark, urban horror is the work of Gary McMahon, author of a multitude of short stories & novellas plus the Thomas Usher novels, Pretty Dead Things & Dead Bad Things. A master of horror fiction indeed.
The trilogy has been attracting attention since it’s unveiling back in July 2011 & has been driving McMahon on ever since. Certainly one of the few examples of perfect urban horror, each book is grim, bleak & unsettling, yet there is a spark there for those who can find it. The spark of mystifying pertinacity, a refusal to cave in.
Websites, journals, blogs from all over are presenting reviews & specials. I’ve gathered together some of them for you to peruse while you wait for our own big Concrete Grove Trilogy Special…


British Fantasy Society on The Concrete Grove Trilogy


Gary McMahon on the end of his journey through The Grove


Stay tuned for an upcoming special by HHHB & Gary McMahon himself…