And it’s goodbye from me…


Well, this is it. The end. The Grand Finale. The Conclusion. The result.

The big goodbye.

My time with HHHB is no more. Real life has become somewhat more complicated in recent times and as a consequence I’ve struggled to keep up with things, whether they be home, work or writing. Something had to give – before my head did – and sadly, the decision has been made.


It’s true to say I’ve enjoyed my time with the site, and I have to thank everyone involved: whether that’s Emma who gave me the opportunity to work here in the first place, those poor saps kind enough not to tell me where to stick my interview questions, or the writers and readers who have all contributed to the site by either adding their comments or simply visiting. If nay bugger turned up, there’d be nay point in doing it!

Cheers, folks.

To those I leave behind, you’re working on a great site that is going from strength to strength. There are plenty of horror sites out there but only a few of them have anything about them. HHHB is one of those few and everyone involved should be proud of themselves and their work. Surviving these days isn’t an easy thing to do in a market swamped in mediocrity so to rise above the mire deserves a pat on the back.

So well done thanks to you all and…

“… it’s goodbye from him… “