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Women in Horror Month

Women in Horror Month is a time of celebration…though we’re here for the rest of year too! I’ve popped on to let you all know that I’m the editor for The Horror Writers Association‘s month long special. For… Read More

The Voice of Fear: Aaron Dries Interview.

Hello & welcome to The HHHB! Go grab a drink & get comfy…we’re in for a ride here. EA: Hi Aaron, welcome to The HHHB! *motions towards chair* Please make yourself at home, just ignore the screams. *winks*… Read More

What Scares You?

Tonight we have Sheldon Higdon, author & award-winning screen writer, telling us what scares him… ‘What Scares Me? That’s a question I think every horror writer is asked at some point, and a valid question too. I’d like… Read More

Current Houses Open To Submissions

Your stories are needed! I’ve been browsing around seeking out some of the best writing opportunities for you all to peruse… One Buck Horror are looking for shorts of 3,000 words or less for e publication in e… Read More

The BFS Awards shortlist is out!

Well the shortlist is out for this year’s British Fantasy Awards & there’s some great names on there! I’m eagerly anticipating the outcome & will be there at Fantasycon to watch the ceremony myself. My first convention &… Read More

What Scares You?

I’m proud to offer the quirky & bizarre Rhys Hughes to you on a platter. He bares all over his rather curious fears & you’ll all receive a little peek into his own little world… Many things scare… Read More