Autumn: Horror in the East

Well, might be overstating it a bit…it wasn’t horrible at all.

It was, in fact, a CONVENTION! Yeah, I know. Posh, me. There were a few famous people there that I didn’t talk to. A few famous people I did talk to – all more famous than little old me! Joseph D’Lacey was there, as was Conrad Williams, Adam Millard, Iain McKinnon, and a bunch of other people I didn’t look at lest they turned me to a gibbering fanboy.

This is, by the way, a test post, in case you hadn’t guessed. I’m supposed to be talking about Indie publishing, or the boss (Emma) will chain me up in the basement, dressed as Mr. Gimp. Again.

But it’s my column. Figure I’ll talk a load of crap instead.

So, Autumn: Horror in the East (oh, yeah, David Moody was there. Ha). The panels, for my money (it was free, by the way) were the best bit (though chatting with Iain McKinnon was priceless). Cool panels on zombies (Sean Page was on that one – he’s a damn funny chap), the apocalypse, the future of horror, and…(segue!)…self-publishing vs Indie publishing vs agents vs traditional publishing…a veritable monster mash of topics.

It was great!

Long story short, the big guys are figuring, cut out the agent. Get a name first. The old ways are dying…the Jedi are no more…erm…arse, got sidetracked.
This is me. In my wonderful shed of wonders!

But yeah, basically – write! Publish! The gatekeepers aren’t doing it for most people. Small press, Indie press, self-publishing, whatever route you go down doesn’t matter so much – just do it!

There. Test post. I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but that’s my first post. I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Love you!