It’s taken me a few days to say the least for me to find myself able to write this.
A dear friend, a comrade in arms, a truly empathetic writer has left us. Joel Lane passed away in his sleep aged only fifty. You’ll find it all over Facebook & Twitter, along with countless blogs & websites.
I came to know Joel through mutual friends, a well-respected & highly regarded man of principle & kindness.
From the very first chat Joel put me at ease, made me laugh & cemented my thoughts on the parts of life I felt was unfair- prejudice & hatred. An avid & loyal campaigner against so many wrongs Joel always believed that one single voice COULD make a difference & encouraged so many, including myself, to use our courage & speak out.
He wrote of the darkness & light that bind us I’m this life & beyond. Of love & loss, of the grim backdrops of cities (especially his home town Birmingham) & the desperation weaving between the brickwork.
If you haven’t had the chance to read any of his works, poetry or critical articles be sure to make time. The vividness that he captures isn’t merely horror or dark fiction; it’s the very essence of life. Of everything we fear, from our first living breath to our lest.

So many have paid tribute, this is small in comparison, but it’s for the Joel I knew, I miss you buddy…I hope that, somehow, you can see or feel all the love pouring out of your friends. Like many, I just wish you knew this in life. But you’ve left us a legacy; the meaning of being there for each other, to keep righting those wrongs & to keep passing by those obstacles with the glow of your soul shining through. A beacon of hope. A light in a dark world.